Visiting any section of the Joyfortuna Casino ("Site") or opening an account, the user agrees with all items of the User Agreement ("Agreement"), Privacy Policy, advertising conditions, rules of games, bonuses and special offers that appear on the Site from time to time. Before accepting the terms of the Agreement, it is advisable to read all its points. If the player does not want or cannot accept these conditions and comply with them, we recommend not to open an account and not to use the services of the Site. The subsequent use of the Site will be regarded as the player's full acceptance of all points of the Agreement. General terms and conditions


All clauses of the Agreement, including the pronouns "we," "us," "our" or "company," refer to the company with which the player enters into a contract, in accordance with the above paragraph.


We reserve the right to make any changes, edit, update and modify the Agreement for a number of reasons: commercial, legal, and customer service reasons. The current points of the Agreement and the dates of their entry into force are present on the Site. We inform players of all changes, amendments and additions by posting the text of the amended Agreement on the Site. The player is personally responsible for reviewing the current Agreement. We have the right to make changes to the site at any time and without first informing the players. If the amended clauses of the Agreement are not agreed, the player is free to stop using the Site. Further use of the Site after the amended clauses of the Agreement come into force will be regarded as full acceptance, regardless of whether the player has received the relevant notice or learned about the changes from the updated Agreement.


Registration on the Joysfortuna website is allowed for people over the age of eighteen. Individuals under the age of majority, following the law, may not participate in gambling. In this regard, we reserve the right to request documents that can confirm the age of the player. The player may be denied services and his account may be suspended if, on our request, there is no evidence that the player's age corresponds to the committed age. Online gambling is prohibited by law in some jurisdictions. By accepting the Agreement, the player is aware that Joysfortuna cannot provide guarantees or legal advice regarding the legitimacy of the use of the Site in the jurisdiction in which the player is located. We cannot claim that the Site's services do not violate the laws of the player's jurisdiction. The player uses the services of the Site of his own accord, and assumes full responsibility, well aware of all possible risks. We are not responsible for the illegal use of the Site's services. Players are entitled to full liability for the payment of taxes and fees, which apply to any winnings obtained as a result of the use of the Site. In cases where a tax fee must be paid for winning under the laws of a particular jurisdiction, the player is responsible for the documentation.

Opening an account

⦁ To access all of the Site's main services, you need to open an account. To do this, the player needs to specify the address of his email and come up with a password, which in the future will be used to log into the game account or specify a personal phone number and come up with a password, as well as put a tick, which he confirms that he is 18 years old. ⦁ To confirm the truth of the information, the Company has the right to request documents confirming the identity of the player. If, for some reason, the player cannot produce documents proving his identity, the Company has the right to suspend the player's account until he submits the documents, or to permanently close the account in the event that the documents have not been presented. ⦁ Player will make them into his profile. Failure to comply or ignore this rule may result in restrictions, suspension or suspension of the account, and cancellation of payments. ⦁ If there are any issues or problems when registering on the Site, the player can contact the support service, which is listed on the website of the casino Joyscasino. ⦁ an individual can register one account and one account. Betting on multiple registered accounts is strictly prohibited and, if identified, account activity will be suspended and winnings cancelled.


⦁ 6.1. By accepting this Agreement, the player undertakes, agrees and ensures that: ⦁ a player is over the age of 18 or is enough to be considered an adult who is legally entitled to engage in gambling without violating the existing laws of a particular jurisdiction; ⦁ player is a full and legitimate owner of all funds in his account. All the information provided by the player corresponds to the truth, is reliable, relevant and accurate; ⦁ player is fully aware that the use of the Site can lead to a loss of money, the player assumes full responsibility for any possible losses. The player confirms that he uses the Site of his own accord, his decision and his own risk. The player is not entitled to make any claims to the Company related to his losses and losses; ⦁ player clearly understands the general principles, rules and procedures of providing services and the specifics of the game on the Internet. The player realizes that he has a responsibility to ensure that the data, bets and games are correct. The player agrees not to do actions or actions that may harm the Company's reputation. ⦁ Accepting the terms of the Agreement, the player gives us the right to arrange periodic checks (at our discretion or at the request of a third party, including authorized authorities) to confirm the identity of the player and the veracity of the information given. ⦁ During the inspection period, the possibility of withdrawing money from the player's account may be limited. ⦁ If the inspection establishes the fact of false information provided, it will be considered as a violation of the terms of the Agreement, which in turn gives us the right to immediately close the player's account or deny the player the use of the site's services, in addition to other actions at our discretion. ⦁ If we are unable to confirm that a player has reached the legal age, we will have the right to suspend the player's account. If the player's age was less than what was allowed at the time of participation in operations on the Site, then: ⦁ player's account will be closed; ⦁ the money in the account will be returned and all cash transactions made during the period will be invalidated; ⦁ all bets made during this period will be cancelled and refunded; ⦁ the amount of winnings received during a period when the player's age was less than acceptable will be invalidated. The player is obliged at our first request to return to us all funds withdrawn from the game account.

Security, name of the caller and password

⦁ Joysfortuna Online Casino strongly advises the player not to share information about their own account registration details. It does not allow the password and login to be disclosed to third parties. Joysfortuna also undertakes not to disclose the account details of visitors to the site, but is not liable for hacking or accessing the account by third parties when login details have been transferred by the player himself. ⦁ In the event of a security breach and unauthorized access to the account, the player must notify us immediately. If necessary, the player is required to show the Company evidence that unauthorized access did occur. The company is not liable for damages received by the player as a result of improper or careless use of a third party username and password or for unauthorized access to the account. ⦁ Joysfortuna employees, partner representatives and acquaintances of these individuals are not allowed to participate in games and bet in Joysfortuna. Making bets of this category of citizens is a violation of the rules and fraudulent actions. If an account is found to be registered with an affiliate person, the account is blocked.


⦁ In order to participate in games and bets in Joysfortuna, the player needs to place a certain amount of money in his account. ⦁ Player confirms and undertakes that: 2.1.Money deposited into the game account was not obtained by criminal, illegal or prohibited means; ⦁ .will not refuse the transactions, will not deny and cancel the payments, which can cause the return of money to a third party and allow it to escape from legal liability. ⦁ We do not accept money from third parties: friends, relatives or partners. The player is required to contribute only from his account, checking card or system registered in the player's name. If the facts of violation of this condition are found , all winnings can be annulled. ⦁ In the case of a bank refund request to their rightful owner, all expenses and commissions are paid at the recipient's expense. ⦁ We do not accept cash payments. We may use electronic payments, including payments and payments to players, various electronic payment processing organizations or financial institutions. Except where the rules and conditions of these institutions do not conflict with the terms of the Agreement, the player fully accepts such rules. ⦁ Player agrees not to refuse, cancel or cancel transactions involving his account. In addition, in each of these cases, the player is obliged to return or compensate us for the amount of unplaced funds, including the costs that we can incur when collecting the player's deposits. ⦁ We have the right to block the player's account, as well as cancel payments and recover winnings, in case we suspect that the account was replenished fraudulently. We have the right to notify the relevant authorities of fraudulent transactions with payments and illegal activities. ⦁ Player is fully aware and accepts the fact that the account is not a bank account. There is no interest on the money in the game account. ⦁ The player has the right to apply for withdrawal of money from the account, provided that ⦁ all payments received into the account had been verified and none had been cancelled or cancelled; ⦁ the verification actions referred to in section 6 were properly carried out. ⦁ When applying for withdrawals from the account, it is important to take into account the following points: ⦁ game profile is fully filled, and the mail in it is confirmed; ⦁ money should be withdrawn in the same way that was used to enter it into the account; ⦁ if the amount requested for withdrawal exceeds $500, the identification procedure will be carried out. To implement it, the player must send us a copy or a digital photo of the player's identity document. If you top up your account with a credit card, you must send a copy of the image of both sides of the card. The first six and last four digits should be visible in the card number, the CVV2 code can be colored; ⦁ Betting turnover only takes into account the bets made by the player in slot machines; bets in other types of games (roulette, card games) are not counted. ⦁ We have the right to keep the commission in the amount of our withdrawal costs not involved in the game. ⦁ Withdrawal time ranges from 5 minutes to 24 hours. ⦁ Withdrawal dates are calculated from the moment the last withdrawal application is made. ⦁ Withdrawal dates may be longer than those specified due to increased financial department loading, identity verification procedures, or other necessary checks. The Player can find out the reasons for delaying withdrawal in each case. ⦁ Other ways to withdraw winning funds are discussed separately with the Administration of the Website


⦁ you agree to pay for all services and/or goods or other additional services you have ordered on the Web site, as well as all additional expenses (if necessary), including, but not limited to, all taxes, duties, etc. The payment service provider only makes a payment in the amount designated by the Website and is not liable for the user to pay the above additional sums. After clicking the "Pay" button, it is considered that the payment has been processed and it has been irretrievably executed. By clicking the "Pay" button, you agree that you will not be able to withdraw the payment or request a refund. By placing an order on the Web site, you confirm and indicate that you do not violate the laws of any state. Additionally, by accepting the provisions of these rules (and/or rules and conditions), you, as a payment card holder, confirm that you have the right to use the goods and/or services offered on the Web site. ⦁ If you use a Web site that offers specific services such as gaming services, you provide legally binding confirmation that you have reached or have already exceeded the age of majority, which is legally permitted in your jurisdiction in order to use the services provided by the Web site. ⦁ Starting to use the services of the Web site, you take legal responsibility for compliance with the law of any state where this service is used, and confirm that the payment service provider is not responsible for any illegal or unauthorized such violation. When you agree to use the website services, you understand and accept that any payment you pay is processed by a payment service provider, and there is no legal right to refund services already purchased and/or goods or other cancellation options. If you want to opt out of using the service for the next service purchase and/or merchandise, you can opt out of the service using the Personal Account on the Web site. ⦁ Payment Service Provider is not responsible for the failure/inability to process data related to your payment card, or for the refusal to obtain permission from the issuer bank to make a payment using your payment card. The payment service provider is not responsible for the quality, volume, price of any service and/or product offered to you or purchased by you on the Web site using your payment card. When you pay for any services and/or products of the Website, you are primarily obliged to comply with the website's rules of use. Please note that only you, as a payment card holder, are responsible for the timely payment of any service and/or goods ordered by you through the Website and for all additional costs/commissions associated with this payment. The payment service provider is only the executor of the payment in the specified amount of the website and is not responsible for any pricing, total prices and/or total amounts. ⦁ In the event of a situation involving your disagreement with the above terms and/or other reasons, please opt out of the payment in a timely manner and, if necessary, contact the administrator/support of the Web site directly.


  1. If the authenticity of the documents or suspicions of fraud is doubted, the administration of the online casino site has the right to demand an online video conference with the player. If the misconduct is confirmed, the account and account will be blocked by the administration.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use mater and abusive language about players and employees of online casino joysfortuna. When determining the facts of insult and humiliation, the player's account and money account are frozen indefinitely. 3.Players can use the Site exclusively for entertainment purposes. It is forbidden to copy the entire site or any part of it without written consent from the Company. 4.Strictly prohibited from transferring and selling one player's account to another.


If there are any complaints and complaints about the work of the Site, first of all, you should send your claim to the support service, which works 24 hours as soon as possible

Bonus receipt rules

First deposit bonus – the amount which has no strictly defined size and is accrued for each player on the first deposit of funds to the account after account registration on the site of the online casino Joysfortuna.

Bonus may be accrued only to new players of the game, and such bonus is provided only for the first game. In case of any subsequent stand-alone top-up of the account, the bonuses from the site Joysfortuna shall not be accrued.

To get a bonus deposit from the site Joysfortuna, the player needs to deposit the initial amount in one payment. The account shall be topped up by electronic payment option. The bonus shall be accrued to the account in the amount of the sum which was deposited.

Bonus funds are accrued right after the first electronic payment to the own account has been made. Bonus funds may be valid for an unlimited period of time and may be spent during any period of the game.

The funds are withdrawn from the bonus account, firstly, upon placing a bet, as well as in case of losses. After all funds available on the bonus account have been used, the funds are withdrawn from the principal cash account of the individual.

The bonus amount constitutes charge-free bets and in order to perform the transfer into money the account holder needs to wager the bonus. It becomes possible on establishment of the bet with the wager of 20 of the initial bonus amount.

Wager is the amount, which indicates and establishes the exact number of occasions, needed to the individual for the full-scale withdrawal of bonus. For example, in case the player initially tops up his/her account for 1000 USD, the casino Joysfortuna awards this player with the special bonus of the same amount. In order to transfer the bonus and the win amount into the cash equivalent the game participant needs to place the bet which is 20 times higher. That is, the player has to multiply one thousand USD by 20 and the resulting amount allows to withdraw the bonus money and the wins, received thereon.

Depending on the games, different amounts of bets, which allow the bonus turnover, may be factored in.

In the games such as Race-3D Velotrack, New TV roulette, Poker, Bingo, Miniroulette, Turbokeno, Blackjack, Race-3D Trone and Keno 10% of the bet are factored in for the purposes of bonus turnover. Slot type games provide for bonus turnover the funds in full, for one hundred percent.